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An inverse rule of three is a calculation scheme for the calculation of ratios which are indirectly proportional to each other. Indirectly proportional, when a quantity A is halved, the quantity B is doubled. If 2 trucks need to transport a certain amount of overburden 10 . The rule of three is a method to solve proportions. you can calculate the unknown value (x). A rule of three is a method to find the fourth term of a proportion when three terms are given. There two type of rule of three, direct and inverse. Direct rule of three If one magnitude increases, the other one also increases, in the same proportion. a/b=c/d a, b, and c are known. To calculate d: d= c x b/a.


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Rule Of Three calculator uses number_d = (Number B*Number C)/Number A to calculate the Number D, Rule Of Three is a method of finding the fourth number in a proportion when the other three numbers are given. Number D and is denoted by No. D symbol. How to calculate Rule Of Three using this online calculator? The rule of three is a method to solve proportions. you can calculate the unknown value (x). Rule of Three is a simple but useful free and without ads Calculator, that can helps you to calculate daily problems like: Convert recipes for more portions – Split restaurant bills – Knows the price of a single product when you paid for a bundle – And much more Examples: If 5 oranges costs 7 bucks, how much will costs 33 oranges? The answer is = bucks For 6 pieces of cake I need
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