Luma surveillance 500 series.Luma LUM-500-NVR Series Quick Start Manual


Luma surveillance 500 series


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Luma Surveillance Series Dome Analog Camera Get ultra sharp p resolution over HD-TVI analog with our Luma series cameras, plus all the installer-friendly bells and whistles you know and love, dual voltage lets it work in any system, while p resolution supports crystal . Summary of Contents for Luma LUMNVR Series Page 1: Web Interface LUMNVR Series NVR Surveillance Recorder Web Interface Quick Start Guide Luma . Luma Surveillance™ Series DVR With HD analog support, up to 2TB of pre-installed internal storage, and native live streaming to different control systems’ user interfaces, it’s easy to check on what matters.


Luma surveillance 500 series.Luma Surveillance™ Series Turret IP Outdoor Camera | SnapAV

Luma Surveillance™ Series Dome IP Outdoor Camera. Our ultra-high resolution IP cameras feature twice the clarity of full p! Watching crystal clear video on the go just got better, thanks to free apps for iOS® and Android, as well as streaming video drivers for popular control systems. Luma Surveillance™ is more than a series of cameras and recorders. It’s the ability to keep you and your family safe. It’s confidence while you’re away from home. It’s the gift of watching what truly matters: your child’s first steps, your dog’s anticipation of your arrival home, your . Luma Series NVR Surveillance Recorder Owner’s Guide Version 2 HowTo Guide Getting Oriented When you first access your Luma system, you’ll see the live screen, shown below. You’ll see this same screen whether you are accessing your system over the Internet, or by using the mouse and monitor attached to the unit. File Size: 2MB.

Luma Surveillance™ 500 Series DVR
Luma Surveillance Series Dome IP Outdoor Camera

Intuitive User Interface
Luma Surveillance
RightMark Audio Analyzer and Creative Audigy Sound Cards

The business visit of representatives of the European branch of Creative to Russia resulted in closer interaction between us and the specialists of this company, who highly appreciated the RightMark Audio Analyzer program and the entire test project as a whole. However, the company draws attention to the fact that users may have problems when trying to independently measure the parameters of Audigy sound cards. This is due to the fact that with the default settings, the line-in signal from the line-in is sent to the line-out of the card. This leads to self-excitation of the card and ultimately getting completely wrong results.

Audigy card frequency response test; default settings give incorrect result
frequency response test of the Audigy card; settings according to the Creative manual give the correct result

Taking care of the moral well-being of the owners of Audigy sound cards, Creative has prepared a special guide for setting up their sound cards before testing with the RMAA program. The manual is distributed in PDF format in English, but detailed pictures will help to set the correct settings even for those who are new to English.

View the manual right here or download it in zip format from the RMAA project’s “download files” section.

It should be noted that the tests published by us in the articles on the pages of the iXBT and Digit-Life sites are not affected by this issue. Self-excitation in the path of the card occurs only when the input is closed with the output, which does not happen when using a reference sound card, therefore we did not mention it earlier.

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