Laptops black friday 2015.The best Black Friday 2015 deals on laptops and tablets


Laptops black friday 2015


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Lenovo Legion 5 ” Gaming Laptop Hz AMD Ryzen H 16GB RAM GB SSD RTX 6GB Phantom Black – AMD Ryzen 7 H Octa-core – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 6GB – . Nov 27,  · Apple Macbook Air Intel Core i5 Dual-Core ” Laptop (GB SSD) $ / list price $ Current generation MacBooks rarely go on sale and this is almost 20% off what you would pay if you went to the Apple store. Nov 11,  · The best Black Friday value at $, DealNews predicts, will be a mainstream laptop with a inch screen, a minimum of 4GB of RAM, a GB hard drive and an Intel Core i5 .


Laptops black friday 2015.Black Friday Laptops as Low as $, and Fierce Price Competition at Every Level

Nov 20,  · Dell Inspiron ” Touch-Screen Laptop 8GB (black gloss): $, which is $ off. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 2-in-1 ” Touchscreen Laptop 8GB (platinum silver): $, which is $ offEstimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Black Friday Laptops Deals & Sales. From HP. Up to 55% off HP Laptops + Free Shipping. Available Now. Get Deal. From Amazon. $ Apple MacBook Air + . Lenovo Legion 5 ” Gaming Laptop Hz AMD Ryzen H 16GB RAM GB SSD RTX 6GB Phantom Black – AMD Ryzen 7 H Octa-core – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 6GB – .
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SiS330 Chip Family Specifications

Details of the SiS330 family of graphics chipsets revealed for the first time at CeBIT 2021 in Hanover.

In addition to the fact that the previous SiS315 graphics core was intended for integration into chipsets, independent inexpensive video cards based on this chip were also produced, for example, by Elitegroup (DirectX 7, T&L unit, 2 texture pipelines, 166 MHz chip, 128-bit DDR memory interface ).
The same fate is in store for the family of SiS330 (Xabre) chips, or, as the company presented them, 8X8 (eight by eight, implies support for DirectX 8.1 and AGP 8x). Here are the summary specifications for the SiS330:

  • Four pipelines with two texture units each
  • Pixelizer engine
  • DirectX8 version 1 vertex shader emulation.1 via CPU
  • DirectX8 Pixel Shader Version 1 Support.3
  • DirectX 8 Feature Support.1: Volume Texture, Bump Mapping, Cubic Mapping, BRDF (bilateral lighting), Shadow Mapping
  • Full screen anti-aliasing Hyper FSAA (Full Scene anti-Aliasing)
  • 128-bit SDR / DDR memory interface
  • Up to 128 MB memory
  • Supports AGP 8x bus and AGP 3 specifications.0
  • Complete with additional video bridge SiS301B – output to two monitors and TV outputs

In general, there is still no definitive reliable information about the support of DirectX8 capabilities by the SiS330 chip, however, even from the above, it can be concluded that SiS330 can partially compete with such a chip as, for example, the GeForce4 MX.

This is how the line of new graphics chips from the SiS3xx (Xabre) family will look like:
SiS 328
SiS 332
SiS 334
SiS 336
Chip frequency, MHz
Memory frequency, MHz
AGP mode
Memory interface

128-bit DDR
128-bit DDR
128-bit DDR

The SiS328 chip is taken out of the brackets of the SiS33x series, most likely due to the fact that it supposedly supports only a 128-bit SDRAM memory interface.

This is approximately how the SiS variant – SiS334, which is likely to become the most popular, looks like this in the comparative table of modern 250 MHz graphics chips:
SiS 334
GeForce4 MX440
GeForce4 Ti4400
Radeon 7500 OEM
Radeon 8500LE
DirectX7T & L
DirectX8Vertex Shader
+ (emulation)
+ (emulation)

DirectX8Pixel Shader


GB / s

HyperZ II

The next generation of SiS graphics chips after SiS330, according to preliminary data, will be the SiS340 DirectX9 chip, which is scheduled for release in the company’s roadmap in February 2021.

Mass shipments of 8X8 chips of the Xabre SiS330 family – SiS328, SiS332, SiS334 and SiS336. scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.

Source: 3D

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