I washed my iphone in the washing machine.What to do if you accidentally put your phone in the washing machine


I washed my iphone in the washing machine


Want to add to the discussion?.Washed iPhone X in washing machine accidentally : iphone


Nov 15,  · iPhone went inside a front load washing machine with a full load of clothes and a wash for an hour. When I found it in the machine, I did not turn it on. I took the phone out and shook it to remove excess water. Towel dried and I placed it inside a ziplock bag with rice since it was the only thing available at the moment. Oct 22,  · My sleep deprived wife (we just had our third child) accidentally put her IPhone 6s Plus in the washing machine along with the kids laundry. It went though a complete cycle. May 12,  · Even if the phone does happen to turn on, I would most certainly not trust the device to be reliable. A washing machine is a harsh environment. Your best option is to replace the device with an out of warranty replacement from Apple.


I washed my iphone in the washing machine.SOLVED: it went through the washing machine – iPhone 6 – iFixit

Oct 26,  · Strangely, I was in the next room (to the washing machine) and my iPhone kept repeatedly telling me my pods were being connected and disconnected whilst being merrily washed and I just thought that’t odd, wonder where they did I know what was actually happening! D’oh! Washed iPhone X in washing machine accidentally.. Question. I’m an idiot. Accidentally ran my phone through the washer for half a cycle. Realized it maybe, 20 minutes after it began. I couldn’t find my phone, then it clicked that that’s where it might be. The floor is soaked, but I found my phone lol. So a few minutes ago my grandma came up to me and gave me my phone and told me that it was in the washing machine. So I ask her for a charger and plug it in because it died the previous night. So I plug it in and it turns on. A few seconds later, the screen goes a light black and it shows the loading thing going around in circles.
Phone went through washing machine, dried, new battery, what’s next?
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My iPhone went through the wash. HELP? – Apple Community
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What to do if you accidentally put your phone in the washing machine
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