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Forge of empires cherry blossom


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Mar 17,  · As in previous years, Forge of Empires will soon host the Cherry Blossom Festival, which is very popular among players. It is one of the events that players can use to push their progress very well. Once again, the first goal is to collect as many lanterns as possible. The event starts with an initial stock of lanterns. The Cherry Blossom Festival makes its return in the Spring Event. Your citizens all flock to the parks, to witness the joy of Cherry Blossoms blooming! Collect Spring Lanterns by completing quests in the Spring questline. After the main questline is solved, additional daily quests will be available. The Cherry Blossom blooms A Frog jumps across the Ponds The People collect the Prizes. Collect Spring Lanterns, and use them to collect origami animals. Win upgrade kits to upgrade the New Hanami Bridge, a marvel for your citizens to enjoy.


Forge of empires cherry blossom.Cherry Garden Set | Forge of Empires Wiki | Fandom

The Cherry Garden Set is a building set released with the Spring Event. The upgraded version was introduced a year later with the Spring Event. Cherry Garden Set consist of five buildings. Each building has increased properties while placed next to another buildings from the same set. The buildings that belong to the set are identifiable by the Sakura Tree icon (show on the right. Mar 25,  · Spring Event from The Forge of Empires team on 3/25/20 at am. The Cherry Blossom Festival makes its return in this year’s Spring Event. Your citizens all flock to the parks, to witness the joy of Cherry Blossoms blooming. Starting Mar . Mar 23,  · Play Forge of Empires NOW: Available subtitles: EN, DE, FR, IT, ES (ES/MX), PL, PT (PT/BR), NL, CZ/SK, DK, FI, GR, H.
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Forge Of Empires Spring Event [Cherry Blossom Guide]
Forge of Empires Spring Event 2019 [Cherry Blossom Guide]

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