Evga precision xoc not starting with windows.


Evga precision xoc not starting with windows


.Fans don’t start unless XOC is running :: EVGA Precision X1 General Discussions


Oct 05,  · “The conditions for running Precision can be found in Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Task Scheduler -> Task Scheduler Library -> Right-click EVGAPrecision -> Properties..I’m guessing it’s a User or Group/Policy setting, but the other conditions in the General, Triggers, Actions, Conditions and Settings tabs could be looked at too, such as Configure for (Windows Vista, Server, 7, 10), but . Oct 01,  · Uninstall Precision t your the Precision XOC folder located in the Program Files (x86)\EVGA EVGAPrecisionX from the Task Scheduler Library if it t your PC l and set up Precision XOC ‘Start With OS’ in the General Settings options (gear icon, bottom-right of Precision XOC)..I would do this first if you haven’t . Jul 10,  · EVGA Precision X1. All Discussions use it for overclocking, they are saved even when program is not running, but make sure on front of program, you chouse start with windows. #3. shirgall Oct 28, @ am and my temps are getting up to 50C but the tme XOC kicks them on after I start it. If I don’t start up XOC soon after logging in.


Evga precision xoc not starting with windows.EVGA Precision XOC doesn’t start after the update :: EVGA Precision X1 General Discussions

Aug 17,  · EVGA Precision X Software refuses to run at startup. I’ve got EVGA precision X set to run at startup. It’s the latest version. I have it running at startup basically so it can display the GPU temp in my system tray. On my old Windows 7 PC it would startup in my system tray. Here’s the weird thing – it starts up briefly, because the temp appears in my tray – but once the system is fully started, the temp . Jan 31,  · Steps to uninstall EVGA Precision XOC in Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, Click the Windows Start menu. Locate and select the Control Panel menu, then double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon. Select the EVGA Precision XOC and then right-click, select Uninstall/Change. Sep 30,  · sobe1ac Very Confusing; so adding a picture, see below; > will allow you to go to: SETTINGS -> GENERAL -> START WITH OS checkbox: This actually controls whether PrecisionX itself starts at Windows startup. This doesnt work, that setting is completely broken. cherio STOP STOP STOP! not Evga’s fault.. but Microsofts. the fix is here.

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