Dune hd tv 101.Dune HD TV-101 Quick Start Manual


Dune hd tv 101


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Nov 01,  · Review of Dune HD TVW HD multiformat player. May 01,  · Dune HD TV and front The most significant difference between the and the is found on the side, where the has a slot for inserting a ” HDD for storing you media files. A quick snap of a handle reveals the slot-in which guides the harddrive to the SATA socket at the end – plug’n’play. Dune HD TV HDD slot. Page 4 Dune HD TV Quick Start Guide Introduction Dune HD TV is an all-in-one solution for up to Full HD (p) video playback. Key Features ● The newest Sigma Designs / media processor: enjoy excellent playback and performance of interactive features.


Dune hd tv 101.Dune Firmware Zone / Dune HD TV

The Dune HD TV is a compact size hybrid universal media player for video playback up to Full HD (p), which can also be used as a specialized set-top box for digital TV reception. TV is remarkable primarily for its ultra-compact size, elegant modern design and modest price. Dune HD TV Dune HD TVA is a compact size hybrid universal media player which allows to play back video of standard and high definition up to Full HD (p), and also can be used as a specialized set-top-box for digital TV programs reception. TVA – is remarkable primarily for its ultra-compact size, elegant modern design and. Dune HD TV Quick Start Guide Getting Started Ensure there is enough space around the player for proper cooling. The space at each side should be not less than 10 cm. Ensure the RC has batteries installed. Connect the player to your TV and to other A/V equipment in an appropriate way.
Dune HD TV-101 Review
Dune HD TV 101
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Dune HD TV-101 Specifications
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Compact Sora from Toshiba

Toshiba unveils new PDR-T20 ‘Sora’ digital camera last night. The camera is equipped with a 2-megapixel CCD and a lens with 2x optical zoom.

This is how the camera looks on the stand:

And this is how Sora looks in action:

Main features of PDR-T20:

  • Sensor: CCD, 1 / 2.7 ” (9 mm), 2.14 million. elements, effective number of pixels – 2.0 million.
  • Resolution: 1600×1200, 1024×768, 640×480
  • Light sensitivity: ISO 100, 200, 400
  • Lens: 2x optical zoom
  • Focal length: 38 – 76mm at 35mm equivalent
  • Minimum focusing distance: 0.5m in normal mode, 0.1m in macro mode
  • Exposure time: 1/1000 s – 1/2 s
  • Flash: built-in
  • File formats: JPEG (EXIF 2.2)
  • Viewfinder: none
  • LCD screen: touch, diagonal – 1.5 inches, 118,000 dots. PDR-T20 comes with a dedicated touchscreen stylus
  • Flash Memory: Secure Digital
  • Interfaces: USB (1.one)
  • Power supply: Li-Ion battery
  • Dimensions: 110 x 58 x 37mm
  • Weight: 170 g

Sora is expected to be on sale towards the end of June for no more than 40,000 yen ($ 320).

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