Dell dimension 2350 specs.Dell Dimension 2350 Owner’s Manual


Dell dimension 2350 specs


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Jul 02,  · Re: Dimension CPU upgrade. You’ll have to get a fsb cpu, Tigerdirect do a Ghz/fsb. Intel’s fsb is quad pumped, x4= x4= x4= If you install a / it will run at Ghz (fsb x 12 = Ghz) ( x 12= Ghz) Message Edited by shunney on PM. 0 ted Reading Time: 40 secs. Send another message. Reviews (15) Features. Overview. Processor: Processor Type: Intel Pentium 4 -Processor Speed: GHz -Processor Manufacturer: Intel Display: Size: 17 in. Memory: RAM Technology: DDR SDRAM -Installed RAM: MB Hard Drive: Hard Drive Capacity: 60 GB -Hard Drive Interface: DMA/ATA (Ultra) CD / DVD: Optical Drive Type: bCD-ROM -Optical Drive Read /5(15). Back to Contents Page Technical Specifications Dell™ Dimension™ Series Microprocessor Audio System Information Network Expansion Bus Controls and Lights Memory Power Drives Physical Ports and Connectors Environmental Video Microprocessor Microprocessor type Intel® Pentium® 4 that runs at , , , or GHz internally and MHz externally;.


Dell dimension 2350 specs.Dimension CPU upgrade – Dell Community

Dec 09,  · Dell Dimension Windows XP Home; GHz Intel P4; MB DDR SDRAM MHz; integrated Intel G/GL 64MB (shared memory); Maxtor 6Yl0 60GB / Computer model Inspiron Processor • Intel Core i3 (4th generation) • Intel Core i5 (4th generation) • Intel Core i7 (4th generation) L2 cache KB L3 cache Up to 6 MB System chipset Intel HM87 Memory Connectors Two SODIMM connectors Type Dual‑channel DDR3L Speed Up to MHz Configurations supported 4 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB, and 16 GB CommunicationsFile Size: KB. Dell™ Dimension™ Series. video connector parallel connector keyboard connector USB connectors (4) microphone connector line-in connector line-out connector mouse connector serial connector PCI card slots (3) voltage selection switch power connector network adapter connector diagnostic lights (4) CD or DVD drive activity light CD or DVD headphone connector CD or DVD eject .
Dell Dimension 2350 User Manual
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Dimension 2350
: dell dimension specifications
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The very name of O&O Defrag speaks of its purpose. This is a program for defragmenting hard drives under Windows NT 4/2000 / XP. O&O Defrag can work with FAT, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 file systems, Volume / Stripe Sets, replace standard OS defragmentation utilities, work in the background and on a schedule, and integrate into MMC (Microsoft Management Console). The user has five defragmentation modes – STEALTH, SPACE, COMPLETE / Name, COMPLETE / Date and COMPLETE / Access (the last three . STEALTH is optimal in working systems and does not eat up resources, SPACE performs simple defragmentation of files, and the last three methods defragment and reorganize the file structure according to three algorithms (name, date, use). It should also be added that in addition to the regular (Professional) version, its network (Server) version is also released, designed to work in a LAN, and there is also the possibility of automatic operation (starting upon reaching a certain level of fragmentation), the ActivityGuard function for monitoring system resources when operation of the program and the ability to defragment the paging file and system files (registry, MFT, etc.) at the stage of system boot.

Download O&O Defrag v.four.0.508 Professional Edition / Server Edition here. (Pro / 3.70-9.42 MB Server / 9.10-14.81 MB Shareware Windows NT 4.0/2000 / XP)

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