Corsair bulldog 2.0 barebones kit.Corsair Bulldog High Performance PC Kit Computer (CS-9000008-NA)


Corsair bulldog 2.0 barebones kit


Are you a human?.Corsair Bulldog High Performance PC Kit Computer (CSNA) at


BULLDOG High Performance PC Barebone Kit (UK) Combining CORSAIR’s class-leading cooling, chassis, and PSU technology with Intel’s Z chipset and liquid-cooled GPU support, Bulldog enables the ultimate 4K and VR experience. The Best Corsair Bulldog () High Performance Pc Barebone Kit of – Reviewed and Top Rated. After hours researching and comparing all models on the market, we find out the Best Corsair Bulldog () High Performance Pc Barebone Kit of Sep 25,  · Bulldog Barebones – First Impressions I’ve just finished building my Bulldog Barebones system, and it was pretty interesting to say the least. This is going to be a run down of my first impressions on the new machine.


Corsair bulldog 2.0 barebones kit.Are you a human?

The Best Corsair Bulldog () High Performance Pc Barebone Kit of – Reviewed and Top Rated. After hours researching and comparing all models on the market, we find out the Best Corsair Bulldog () High Performance Pc Barebone Kit of Jan 17,  · Corsair has released their new Bulldog Barebones PC kit, offering a Z motherboard, an AIO liquid cooler and an 80+ gold rated PSU in a nice console-like form factor. This is part of Corsair’s push into the living room, which started out with their LapDog, the companies PC friendly gaming control station. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Corsair Bulldog High Performance PC Barebone Kit at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!
Corsair’s Bulldog 2.0 Gets Kaby Lake-Compatible Z270 Motherboard, New Cooler
The Best Corsair Bulldog () High Performance Pc Barebone Kit of – Reviewed and Top Rated
Corsair เปิดตัวคอมเคส (คอนโซล) ใหม่รุ่น Bulldog 2.0 Barebones PC kit
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Parhelia-512 GPU by Matrox, officially

This is the event that has been expected by fans of Matrox Graphics products for more than a year – the release of a real modern 3D graphics processor, and not an “unsubscribe” in the form of the G550, offered by the company last year.

Matrox today announced the release of the next generation graphics chip Parhelia-512.

Most of you have already read our article on Parhelia-512. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend: Matrox Parhelia-512.

Here, in the news feed, we briefly summarize the main characteristics of the new chip and its capabilities:

  • 80 million. transistors
  • 0.15 micron process technology
  • Graphics core and memory clock speeds – up to 350 MHz
  • Full 256-bit DDR memory bus
  • Local memory bandwidth – up to 20 GB / s
  • Local memory 64/128/256 MB
  • AGP 2x / 4x / 8x including SBA and FastWrites modes
  • 4 pixel pipelines
  • 4 texture units per pipeline
  • Fillrate: up to 1.4 Gigapixels and up to 5.6 Gigatexels
  • Vertex shaders version 2.0 (Vertex Shader 2.0), four parallel execution blocks
  • Pixel shaders version 1.3 (Pixel Shader 1.3), 4 texture + 5 combination stages on each pixel pipeline, with the ability to combine pipelines in pairs (2 pipelines with 10 combination stages)
  • EMBM and DOT3 bump mapping
  • Fixed T&L DX8 (including advanced matrix blending and skinning). In fact, a special vertex shader
  • Construction, storage in local memory and output to the monitor of an image with an accuracy of 10 bits per color; 10-bit GigaColor technology
  • Two on-chip, 400 MHz, 10 bits per channel RAMDAC using UltraSharp technology
  • Full 10 bit – 10 bit table for arbitrary gamma correction of the displayed image
  • DVD and HDTV video decoder with 10-bit precision (output)
  • Supports image output in resolutions up to 2048x1536x32bpp @ 85 Hz
  • On-chip TV-Out interface with 10-bit signal conditioning accuracy
  • Two digital TDMS interfaces for digital outputs or external RAMDACs. Supports resolutions up to 1920x1200x32bpp
  • Two completely independent CRTCs
  • The ability to output one image stretched to two or three receivers, the total resolution in triple mode up to 3840x1024x32bpp. TripleHead Desktop, Surround Gaming and DualHead-HighFidelity (HF) technologies
  • Fragment SSAA with up to 16 samples
  • Hardware support for N-patches with adaptive tessellation and displacement mapping
  • Microsoft DirectX 8 and OpenGL 1.3; potentially – some features of DirectX 9

This is such a serious claim for the share of the modern 3D market. Moreover, those who are immediately skeptical to believe that the card is not for the gaming market and will only go to the sector of professional / semi-professional solutions are asked not to worry in vain: according to preliminary data, cards with the maximum set of functionalities and 256 MB of memory will cost first buyers under $ 500. Accordingly, will be released and less “fancy” versions with more moderate prices.

Undoubtedly, the implementation of cards on the new processor is associated with additional difficulties, such as, for example, a serious study of filters, the release of high-quality drivers. Well, before the announcement, presumably in September, of the first competitive solutions NV30 and R300 from the current market leaders – NVIDIA and ATI, there is still time to fine-tune hardware and software, as well as to set up serial deliveries.

We will wait for the results of testing real samples to talk about something substantive. The specs look promising at least.

So far, we can congratulate the company on its return to the modern 3D accelerator market and rejoice for us, consumers. As you know, both the quality of the final products and their price benefit from the growth of competition.

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