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May 08,  · The Desolate Cawthon’s Awesome Platformer game, and the legacy of a coffee you enjoyed the video, Why not leave a LIKE!:)Click Here t. May 05,  · The latest is D-Co 9, built using the code of a simple computer game. Coffee dedicates his own CPU to be used for the main simulations, putting D-Co in charge of moving his body throughout the station, taking care of the needs of the Derelicts, and fighting off virus attacks when they occur. GAMEPLAY: The Desolate Hope mixes several gameplay styles.9/10(). Sep 03,  · The Desolate Hope/Room – Coffee. By DarkKnightPL Watch. And I gotta say that The Desolate Hope is my favourite game from Scott as of now, no joke. I’m probably going to model more characters from TDH soon. But, don’t you worry, I’m not abandoning FNaF lmao. I’m just trying to have a bit of variety on gallery and that’s all.


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Apr 30,  · I hadn’t played Scott’s earlier game, The Desolate Room, from which The Desolate Hope seems to take more cues than just its name. Both have a visual style that feels like it went out of fashion years ago while also feeling unique, new and as fresh as a sassy cat. A tiny robot crafted from a coffee pot is the hero, which is instantly gratifying. Sep 08,  · I have recreated coffee from The Desolate hope by Scott Cawthon, which is free on steam, sorry if the textures are bad Download skin now! The Desolate Room features many elements from The Desolate Hope such as Coffee, the protagonist and a party member named Alphus. They both share similar designs. The battle theme is the same used in The Desolate Hope, as well as many of the game’s SFX.
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