Andy carroll fifa 16.


Andy carroll fifa 16


Explore Properties.Andy Carroll FIFA 16 – 80 IF – Prices and Rating – Ultimate Team | Futhead


Andy Carroll 80 – live prices, in-game stats, comments and reviews for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team FUT. Join the discussion or compare with others! Andy Carroll 78 In Game Stats, Comments and Reviews for FIFA 16 Career Mode. Join the discussion or compare with others! Twitter: Welcome to our INSANE IF ANDY CARROLL REVIEW!!! | FIFA 16 ULTIMATE TEAM!!!Remember if you did enjoy, please leave a like 4/5(1).


Andy carroll fifa 16.Andy Carroll 78 FIFA 16 Concept – Career Mode Stats | Futhead

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Andy Carroll FIFA 16 – 78 – Prices and Rating – Ultimate Team | Futhead

The future of storage media – DVD-compatible holographic standard

Needless to say here again about the popularity of the DVD standard. And while the foggy appearance of next-generation DVDs is just beginning to take shape, Japanese researchers believe that after the next generation of DVDs, a new data storage standard using holography may enter the market. It is claimed that in the new standard it will be possible to record up to 1 terabyte of information on one side of a disc the size of a regular CD (that is, 130 mm in diameter).

Optware, founded in 1999 in Yokohama by a former Sony employee, recently demonstrated a prototype system at InterOpto ’02, held July 16-18 in Makuhari. The disc shown, using the company’s holographic technology, had a capacity of 200 GB and provided a data transfer rate of 130 Mbps.

In a conventional holographic scheme, two beams are used to record and read information – reference and information. In order to make the recording and reading system compact, the company used information and reference beams polarized in two perpendicular directions, sending them along one optical axis. It is argued that thanks to this arrangement, it is possible to use servo systems of existing optical drives for positioning the readout laser.

Since holography uses lasers that generate green light, in addition to the green YAG (yttrium – aluminum – garnet) laser, a red laser is added to the drive to ensure backward compatibility, which is used to read DVD and CD. The carrier itself has a multilayer structure: on a 0.5 mm glass substrate there is a recording layer 0.2 mm thick, on which another layer of glass 0.5 mm thick with an additional reflective coating is applied.

According to the developers of the disc, instead of recording sequential combinations of bits on the surface of the disc, information is recorded in the form of interference maxima in the thickness of the recording layer, which, in turn, can contain information about several (up to 30,000) bits.

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